This afternoon our church will have its second VBS carnival.  We did this last year, too, and the kids seem to enjoy it.  Granted, we do a simple version.  No bounce houses, no rides, no animals.  Just games, crafts, and snack.  This year, since we used CPH‘s Friendship Trek, we’re adding a “Jesus Hike” through the church sanctuary, using the stained glass windows to tell the story of Jesus.  Thankfully, my husband Travis is willing to lead this for me!  Assuming I have time to post tomorrow, I’ll write about how things went.  Oh, and the reason I might not have time is because our church picnic is tomorrow.  How many things can we cram into one weekend?  Apparently a lot, because tomorrow there is also a graduation party for a senior from our church and the leaders of Spoke Folk arrive to prepare for the tour that is training at our church.  I think I will sleep in on Monday.