I tend to get a bit overextended sometimes.  It’s something I end up feeling guilty about, because I see other people able to do so much more than I can with less time and resources.  But then, I’ve never been a “stick to it until the job is done” kind of person.  Instead, I get spurts of energy where I will re-arrange the whole kitchen or re-do my whole work filing system in an afternoon.  One of the things I’ve decided to start doing is keep a running list of potential projects, so that when a fit of energy hits me, I have a list of things to turn to.  These are the things that I am generally less than motivated to do, or that rarely occur to me, like writing thank-you notes (I’m horrible at this!  I end up feeling so guilty when I receive one, because it reminds me of all of the unwritten thank-yous that I have never sent!).  I have a paper-planner binder that I no longer use because I switched to a smart phone, and I think I might use it for some of my “energy surge” project lists, along with ideas for future ministry.  I keep thinking up ideas that won’t work for right now but might for next year (like thoughts about VBS now that I’ve just finished it).  Some of my past attempts at creating systems have failed, because I just don’t know how to create systems for myself.  I only know about systems others have devised, and often times I start out with great energy, following all of the rules of that system, only to have it fall by the wayside after a week.  It doesn’t become a habit.

Oh, I promised some VBS pictures, but I realized in reviewing them that every single one is a picture of kids who attended.  Now, their parents are ok with us using these for church purposes, like on the screens on Sunday or in a newsletter, but I am not sure it would be appropriate to share them here since I know some parents prefer not to have images of their children online.  It’s one thing for a parent to post their children’s pictures, quite another for me to do it without their knowledge.