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Most of the time, my weekdays remain virtually the same (at least, Monday through Thursday).  I’ve gotten into my routine, and the only changing factors is whether or not Travis has a meeting at night, what time he will get home in the afternoon, and how much time I will have to make dinner and spend with him before he goes out the door again.

Today was different – he had a doctor’s appointment to the south of us at noon.  Since the church is north of our home, and he was having a stressful night last night (more about that in a minute), I suggested that he sleep in today and go into work after the appointment.  Wonder of wonders, he listened to me!

Needless to say, my usual routine got thrown off a lot today.  I’ve always been one to get things done in the mornings.  It’s just how I am.  When I worked full time, I would wait to eat lunch until I was positively starving and shaking, about 2pm, because I liked stretching my morning out.  Afternoons always seem so long and sleepy to me, and it’s a lot harder to accomplish things.  I do the same thing now, squeezing as much of my to-do list as possible into the pre-lunch hours, even pushing lunch back if necessary.  However, I don’t always tend to accomplish stuff when someone else is near me, unless we are working together on projects.  Since Travis was chilling this morning, I did, too.

Now, for the reason he was stressed last night (and probably is still today):  his dad is having some major medical stuff done today.  The nature of it is such that he may be rushed into emergency bypass surgery, even though his lungs aren’t great and the doctors are nervous about the outcome, but his heart needs it.  So anyway, if you could keep Tom in your prayers, that would be great.  I’ll let you know what happens when I know something.