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I had no idea that God was at work leading me to write Tuesday’s post.  Originally I wrote it because I was thinking about two things in particular, a dear friend who just had surgery and the good news we were sharing in the correct order with family, friends, etc.  I found out over the weekend that I was pregnant.  However, Wednesday I started to miscarry.  So I needed those prayers more than I ever knew I would, and I thank all of you for sending them up for us.  I don’t think I’ve wrapped my head around the details of this week yet – Travis was supposed to be gone all week at a conference, and I was supposed to fly out tomorrow to stay with the friend who had surgery, but all of those plans were changed.  I had already altered my plans because she’s still in the hospital, and Travis came home Wednesday to be with me before we knew for sure what was happening, but God had His hand in taking care of us both through this.

I am trying to be thankful that we could finally get pregnant, and I have been thinking about this stuff a lot as I lay awake at night, but right now I’m tired and feeling pretty yucky and run down.  Please keep praying, we’re very thankful for friends like all of you.  I know I have more to share but it’s going to be a while before I can process all of this, the fears and anxieties, the sorrow, the joy, the pain of all of it.  And I’m too drained physically by what’s happening to my body to deal with it right now.