I’m sorry I fell behind on posting stuff this week.  Lots of things happening in my life, all of which left me pretty busy, so busy in fact that I can’t really remember much from Monday or Tuesday, except that Tuesday evening we had dinner with some member and then chatted with them at our house for several hours into the evening.  Next came Wednesday.  That morning was pretty basic, just me getting stuff done around the house, working through my to-do list.  Then I left at 3pm and didn’t return home until after 9.  Thursday was similar, except I left the house around noon, was home briefly to eat dinner, and then left again and didn’t get home until closer to 10.  Yesterday I tried to get a few things done in the morning, followed by an outing with members that lasted from 1 until bedtime.  Whew!

So that sums up the busyness, but I left out two critical pieces of events that transpired this week, but due to their order of importance I’m going to share them in backwards order chronologically.  First, I got an iPhone on Thursday.  We knew we were going to switch cell phone carriers anyway, and AT&T actually paid to get us out of our Verizon contract (I have no beef with Verizon, have loved them for six+ years, but they just don’t have great reception in our area).  I was frustrated because I’ve used a Palm phone for two years now, loving its planning features and to-do list.  I didn’t particularly like any of the AT&T phones except the iPhone but couldn’t justify the extra $30 a month when I’m not working and don’t REALLY need it.  But then we learned from the church secretary that the congregation actually meant all along to include my husband on the church’s cell phone plan, which already is used by the retired visitation pastor, and his wife pays the $10 a month for her line to be added on.  So our numbers got added to it, too, and despite the fact that we’re paying $30 each for our two iPhones (of course Travis got one!) and the $10 for my line, it’s still going to be close to $50 a month LESS than we were paying for a plan by ourselves!  Thank you Gloria Dei!

The second, and more important event that happened this week, is that I’m actually not unemployed anymore (or soon won’t be).  I had mentioned that I was interviewing for the Praise Team director position at our church.  They called me in for a second interview on Wednesday, and I talked to them about my concerns for my limitations.  Because the current director is leaving, I mentioned that I wouldn’t be opposed to taking on the position temporarily while they continued to look for someone with more musical ability to help coach the instrumentalists.  After a brief interview and some private conferring on the part of the team, they offered me the position of Interim Praise Team Director!

There’s something exciting about this, getting to help with planning and leading worship.  In addition, the Interim part of the title gives me a better sense of freedom with this job, that I don’t really need to prove something to the church in order to keep the position.  Everyone knows it’s temporary, which means I can just DO my job.  I tend to get anxious when I’m working about expectations of others, and this really frees me from that burden.  Not that I won’t do my job, don’t get me wrong.  I take it very seriously.  But if someone is bothered by something I do because its “not how we’ve always done it,” I can just shrug and say, “take it up with the permanent person when they’re hired.  This is how we’re going to do it for now.”

The job actually doesn’t start until probably October, to give the current director a chance to have a last Sunday leading and plan for it.  I’ve been filling in when he can’t be there from time to time anyway, including this coming Sunday.  It’s exciting, and I’m looking forward to helping set a new vision for contemporary worship at our church.