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Despite my good intentions to go to that exercise class today, I stayed home.  I spent a lot more time in front of the television and playing computer/cell phone games than I would like.  And I could spend the rest of the week beating myself up for that.  I tend to fall into these vicious circles of being lazy, then feeling guilty for being lazy, which makes me feel even more lazy…. you get the picture.  But I’m going to cut myself some slack.  After all, I don’t really HAVE to do the things on my list.  I just don’t want to get into the mind set that I will never do them.  Instead, I’m going to give myself today as a pass, and pick up on things tomorrow.  And hey, I finally got a burst of energy twenty minutes ago or so and finished a lot of my bare minimums (including writing a blog post).  So that is something to celebrate.  In the meantime, I’ve been pondering a couple of other peoples’ blogs today, particularly this one about being brave.  I think that might be part of my problem, I’m too scared to go out on a limb and listen to what God is calling me to do, let alone do it.  Gee, do you think God is calling me to listen right now?