I thought for a long time this summer that we just weren’t very busy.  Stuff was moving slowly, we had lots of time on our hands.  Now that school has started again I’ve realized that we’re actually quite busy.  Invitations from members keep coming up, lots of activities to get involved with at church, and several Bible studies besides.

For example, last week we had the following activities: on Tuesday, I went to a women’s Bible study in the morning.  Wednesday came with apple picking with one member and dinner with members that evening (the dinner was actually cancelled last minute but still counts as a scheduled event).  Thursday my husband had men’s chorus in the evening and Friday we had dinner at a member’s house.  Saturday we went to a party at another member’s house, and Sunday we hosted our first small group meeting.

Now we’re at today – we are getting together with some people from church to plan some stuff for Friday (more later on that).  Tomorrow is the make-up for the dinner from last week, then Wednesday I have choir and Thursday he has men’s chorus.  Friday we’re having a house warming party for the church and his family and some friends.  Whew!  I haven’t even thought about Saturday or Sunday yet, but next week we fly to Nebraska (again, I know!) for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary.  Such a lot going on.  In the meantime, I’m trying to get household stuff done even though my washing machine is possessed (or at the very least, broken).  Currently the power is off, and I can open and shut the front-loader door, but the indicater light says that the door is locked, something that should only be true while a cycle is running and prevents me from opening the door.  This is in addition to the fact that it doesn’t want to start sometimes without being unplugged to reset it (although we can’t reach the plug since the washer and dryer are in a tight-fitted closet, so it requires going down to the basement to turn the breaker on and off).  I’m so frustrated with this machine!