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Because the internet is public, I cannot discuss the details of what’s happening with us, with ministry, with church.  We have some praying and thinking to do, as do others.  Please keep praying for us – for wisdom, for discernment, for peace.  And I want you all to know that the prayers and encouragement has meant a great deal to us both.  I feel bad because I haven’t been able to respond to some individuals from church who have been encouraging us as well.  So if you read this and are part of our current congregation, please feel free to share the sentiment with others that you know are praying for us.

I will try to keep posting, even if I have nothing new to share.  On a lighter side, our ice maker in our fridge is fixed!  And I’m pondering why someone would post the color of their bra on facebook and what that has to do with cancer support.  I guess there are various colors to represent the various types of cancer but it still seems weird.  So I will say “blue,” not because of the color of my undergarment (I have no blue ones, so you can’t even make conjecture about this) but because of my great aunt who is currently undergoing treatment for colon cancer, and blue is the color for it.  Their whole family had t-shirts made up that say, “I wear blue for my mom” or “I wear blue for my wife.”  Pretty awesome, huh?  And her struggle puts ours into perspective.  She’s fighting for her life, but she’s not giving up her spirits in the process.  I wish I could be that positive when struggles come my way.

The house repairs went well, just was annoying because they continued to move throughout the house all day.  So we gave up moving around from room to room to stay out of their way and just sat there watching them or playing games on our phones.  But most of the work is now done, with a crew being sent to fix a couple of areas that couldn’t be done the day of our walk-through.  So I guess we can paint now.  I just don’t quite feel up to it right now.