No, not call.  Right now, yes, a call would be a blessing, but in the meantime, I am talking about the calling we each have, or vocation.  My devotion today talked a little bit about how we each are supposed to be obedient to our individual calling.  Where is it that God is leading us to serve Him?  My vocation has shifted every couple of years.  While elements of it remain the same, other portions change with circumstances, location, and the particular needs of our relationship.  For example, I am always a wife to Travis, daughter to my parents, sister to my sister, etc.  Those elements of vocation in terms of relationship do not change all that much, though how I live out my vocation can.  The latest example of that would be that my sister and brother-in-law asked us to be godparents for their newest daughter, to be born in May or June.  Now, for the other three girls, I am aunt, but for this one I will also be godmother.  It’s such an honor, and we’re both excited about it.

In terms of “professional” vocation, I have always struggled.  God has led me to several temporary (2 years or less) part-time positions.  And that’s okay.  I worry sometimes because in the eyes of the world my resume is pathetic, but I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter what the world thinks.  My primary calling is to be Travis’ wife (obviously, besides my own Christian walk.  That’s first).  So when professional things get in the way of taking care of that primary vocation, I have to set aside my career for the sake of our household.  I haven’t actually had any kind of “real” job for the past year.  I worked extremely part-time for our church doing praise worship, but that involved once-a-week practice and two services a month.  And I would have done it for free to help out if necessary.  That’s what I mean about my vocation as Travis’ wife – taking that job flowed out of my primary vocation, because being of support to him is what I do in that calling.  That may mean being present at church functions, volunteering to lead or teach, or taking a position to fill a temporary void in the staff.  Whatever is needed, I find it fulfilling.

Right now I think that my calling has included cheerleader, which hasn’t been going very well.  Travis needs encouragement during this time of transition, and it’s an area I struggle in, to be honest.  So I’m definitely writing it here:  I’m proud of you, honey!  Hang in there, and keep being positive!  I’m so proud of your good attitude through this whole ordeal, and I pray that you continue to find strength and healing.