Today Travis is preaching at an area church, so of course I get up to go with him.  I am sleepy and not all that interested in attending both services, so I brought the computer, dropped him off for the early service and headed to Starbucks.  Silly me, I thought they did free wifi!  But all I see that’s available doesn’t have anything about Starbucks in the name, so I’m not so sure that I want to sign onto it.  Hmm…

Sunday morning is always a dilemma in our household.  How do we function together, getting ready and all, without starting a conflict?  Satan knows how to get into our lives so well – he sets traps for us almost every week, knowing that a good morning = a good service.  Not that a bad morning automatically means a bad service, but at least he can shake Travis’ confidence.  So there are traps in the bathroom, the noises, my inability to function and move quickly, the workings of breakfast (toaster, coffee, microwave), and the dog.  All of these things can put us behind or irk one of us into snapping at the other.

But today wasn’t like that. I made a joke about needing a bigger kitchen counter, and the noise of him showering woke me slowly enough that I wasn’t grumpy.  Mostly we’ve learned to stay out of each other’s way on Sundays.  And not having a “normal” Sunday every week has helped lately.  When he is preaching, it’s a good thing and we’re both happy about it.

It’s funny, we went for an interview at a church last weekend, and they showed us some houses to give us an idea of the available real estate.  Between that and House Hunters we are well aware of the “need” people have for two sinks in the bathroom.  We’ve never experienced this need, because we tend to take turns in the bathroom.  Neither of us likes to trip over the other one.  That may be more from the lack of size all of our bathrooms have had (and the lack of two sinks) than anything.  But it works for us.  We are more inclined to feel crowded in the kitchen like this morning, when I was trying to get my breakfast together and he was taking his medicine and vitamins.  The island got very small, very quickly.

I guess I would say that six days a week all of these things are non-issues.  It’s only on Sundays that I think about any of it.  And maybe the key is planning for our Sundays and looking at the rest of the week as the unusual times.