Probably won’t be updating the blog much for the next several weeks.  We are in full-on moving mode right now, trying to finish packing while my mom is here, then flying south to look for housing, then coming back here to finish up the little details of untangling ourselves from this area, then the movers come.  Something tells me the house hunting will be the most restful part of the journey.  I will write one more post and upload it today, because I spent last night thinking about it and I realized that it’s going to slip through my memory if I don’t write it soon.  But I wanted to make sure to check in while I had a moment.  I don’t know what kind of internet access I will have until we have our own house on the others side (sigh).  And I don’t know how long that will take (looong sigh).  But I plan to reconnect with this blog soon, and in the meantime stay “connected” to online friends via facebook.