Samantha Renee Pittock :  March 10, 2011 ~ July 10, 2011

Hey everybody!

My mommy helped me write this a while back, so I could make sure I said my goodbyes to you personally. I’ve gone home to be with Jesus. I’m out of pain and spending time getting to know so many people who knew and loved my parents and are so happy I’m here, including my brother Jonah. We get to spend our days worshiping God! During my time on earth I knew a lot of love, but I also experienced a lot of pain. Now all I know is love. Thank you for loving me and getting to know me for a little while – I can’t wait to see you! Jesus tells me that I will see you soon, which I guess since heaven is forever, a lifetime really is soon!

Please take care of my family for me. They are sad that I’m gone, and they need lots of love and hugs right now. My mommy and daddy love me so much and they are missing me a lot. So are my aunts and uncle, my cousins, my grandparents, and all of those friends and family who have been praying for me for so long. It’s amazing how many people wanted to know about me during my short time on earth – I just hope that I helped to point the way to Jesus for them all, because I would love to meet all of you here someday.

The most amazing thing is how much Jesus loves me. My mommy and daddy made sure I knew it every day, but even they couldn’t tell me how much He does! He loves me more than all of you put together – and He loves each and every one of you that much, too! Please take some time to talk to Him and get to know Him better – He loves you so much.

It’s ok if you need to cry right now. My family will be crying and will need people to cry with them. But remember through it all that I am safe now, and out of pain. I wish I could have stayed with you longer but I’m also happy to be here in heaven.

See you soon!