We’re at church on a Saturday. That doesn’t usually happen unless there’s something special going on. Today it’s AV training. We have a new sound system and screens and cameras at our church, and we’re trying to get people trained to use all of this equipment.

Ideally I would have lots of time to write this post, share with you my thoughts about this exciting step. But right now I’m feeling the time crunch because I need to help with part of the training and I don’t want to just disappear. At the moment we have a girl practicing her solo for tomorrow’s worship, so I know I’ve got a few minutes. Not much more.

I’ve made the commitment to write daily. It’s a commitment I’ve made to myself, because writing energizes me. I may also make the commitment to sing daily, that one’s a bit easier because I can always sing in the car. I can’t exactly write while I’m driving.

Part of the reason I can’t skip out on the training is that we’re waiting for the guy who set up our video system, and while we wait I can show everyone how to use the computer software. It’s the same program we used in New York, and I set up the services a lot there. So I can at least show folks the ins and outs of it. I hope so, anyway.

Thanks for putting up with such a random post. More to come on Monday! I’m going to try to hold myself to blogging every other day, moving into daily. And then maybe I’ll give myself the weekends off. Especially if I get to write more than one post and can schedule them ahead of time. Blessings on your weekend, everyone!