We had an interesting experience on Mother’s Day. After dinner, we ended up at my parents’ house relaxing for a while. As we sat in their backyard, we noticed that the dogs seemed to be playing with a deer, though they were separated by the fence. The deer was running along with the dogs, and sometimes stopping and looking at them and stamping. It took us a while of watching and laughing at this to realize that this was a mama deer protecting her baby. We tried to spot the baby in the tall grass and trees but it was well-hidden. Finally, we took the dogs inside because the bugs were starting to bite, and then we witnessed the baby following mom away from the yard and towards the woods. So cute!

I think we sometimes get confused when we’re dealing with people, too. We think they are joking, but they are serious. We assume that they are just grouchy, when maybe they’re hurting. We think they are acting foolish, but maybe they are protecting someone else.

I have trouble knowing what to say to people, which of course means I get pegged as being standoffish. The truth is, I don’t talk unless I have something to say. I’m not one for small talk. I remember a woman at a church I grew up at who hated poinsettias at Christmas. Turns out, her son died around Christmas years ago and the flowers at the funeral were all poinsettias.

Sometimes it’s about your perspective, and figuring out what is hiding in the tall grass.