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I have really struggled to keep going with my blog posts this summer. I have a web-based task list that I use, with an app on my phone that connects to it. Every day I would have “write blog post” as one of my appointed tasks, and most days I just removed it from my list instead of actually writing a post and then checking it off.

I could make the excuse of being busy – but I’ve been busy plenty of times in the past. I could also point to the slowness of our summer schedule, but then that flies in the face of the busy excuse. The truth is that I have let my routines slip (ok, completely collapse) this summer. It hasn’t just been blogging that has suffered. I’ve stayed up late reading, and then slept too long in the morning. I have put off menu planning and end up looking into the empty refrigerator at 5 pm each evening, wondering what to make for dinner.

Now that the new school year is just around the corner, I am renewing my efforts to stay on track with my routines. I’m adding some more responsibilities to my plate at our church and school, and I think having more things that I need to take care of will actually help me focus more on what is important. For me, writing this blog is one of those things.

Tomorrow I’ll start again with my joy verses. And I will be delving into the New Testament a lot more. The Old Testament is fine, but limited in the discussion of joy. And really, what more joy do we have than the light of the empty tomb? Thanks for sticking with me!