It seems like every time I have good intentions of getting into the habit of writing, life gets in the way. I had a plan this fall for starting work on a book. I wanted to blog daily. And then – life! I’m thankful for the busyness, of course. Travis received (and accepted) a call to serve a new congregation. We are now settled into a townhouse in Fort Worth and loving being back in a city and back in the life of a congregation. Not only that, but I’ve been hired to work there as well!

After the turmoil that was 2014, it feels like a brand new start. But it’s also hard to start over when the house we had before belonged to our little girl. Thankfully we bring the memories with us.

I’ve struggled lately with an underlying depression that I can’t quite shake. Last year in December I was mostly in shock, dealing with one blow after another as my grandmother died and our relationship with our former congregation dissolved. This year I am more able to mourn the losses, especially when we are now completely separated physically from the situation. 2014 was a hard year. 2015 has been a year of rebuilding, which comes with its own sorrow.

But joy does come in the morning. 2016 is ahead, full of promise. We are blessed beyond measure. Thank you for being part of this journey.