This blog post is part of a series that I began for telling our story. You can read the first post here.

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When I started writing again last summer, I fully intended to post daily about our journey with Samantha. What I didn’t anticipate was several important things that got in the way:

  1. I was covering material too fast to make it last a full year. Portions of our story will require several posts to cover a day or two of events. Other parts of the story, especially the prologue, only need a few posts to cover several months of time. I could attempt to document, for example, the daily features of morning sickness, but it’s all blurred together for me at this point and would be extremely boring to read day after day.
  2. Parts of this story are not mine to tell. My brother-in-law and sister had significant health concerns that drove them to relocated to Texas. Some of those details I’ve shared, but as I got farther into the story, I realized that I couldn’t do more than that without stepping on toes and writing stories that weren’t mine. Yes, our stories are interconnected, but that doesn’t mean I get to do the writing unless I’m specifically asked to do so.
  3. I underestimated the emotional toll this writing would take on me. I let myself pause when we went to Shepherd’s Canyon retreat six months ago, and I found it so much harder to get started again than I could imagine. And now half a year is gone without me writing.

I’d like to say that it ends today, all of the postponing and procrastinating. But I’ve had this blog for well over a decade now, and experience has taught me that the only way to keep writing regularly is to just do it. But like anything else, I find excuses and let my best intentions falter. Accountability has always been a struggle for me, so keep encouraging me if you’re reading this! Remind me that I need to share stuff, share our story.

Anyway, I’m working on getting back on track. It might not be daily, but I hope to get close to that again soon. Sometimes I will share new stuff, sometimes it will be an old post from 2011, the year our sweet Samantha was with us. Goodness knows I have plenty of content from that time period to draw from, since during her illness I pretty much posted to my blog and/or Caringbridge every day.

Thanks for still being with me. I’m going to work hard on sticking with you.

Next post coming tomorrow.