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A large portion of my job is communications for our church, so I joined a few Facebook groups to have a place for asking questions along the way. The upside is that I have learned about lots of great ways to maximize my time and tools, and about a lot of free or almost free things that I can use. The downside, for me, is that many of the other churches come from non-liturgical backgrounds. So when one church talked about holding 21 days of prayer leading up to Easter, I just thought, why not just observe Lent? Another church actively transposes their music into a minor key for Good Friday. Why? Why take songs that were not written that way and change them, when there are so many fabulous minor-key Lenten hymns?

In that vein, here are the words of two hymns, both following the same tune. The first, Jesus, Grant That Balm and Healing, will be in our worship service tonight at church. The second is one we use quite a bit in our services since it’s only one verse. To hear the beautiful tune, click here.

“Jesus, Grant that Balm and Healing”

  1. Jesus, grant that balm and healing
    In Your holy wounds I find,
    Ev’ry hour that I am feeling
    Pains of body and of mind.
    Should some evil thought within
    Tempt my treach’rous heart to sin,
    Show the peril, and from sinning
    Keep me from its first beginning.
  2. Should some lust or sharp temptation
    Fascinate my sinful mind,
    Draw me to Your cross and passion,
    And new courage I shall find.
    Or should Satan press me hard,
    Let me then be on my guard,
    Saying, “Christ for me was wounded,”
    That the tempter flee confounded.
  3. If the world my heart entices
    With the broad and easy road,
    With seductive, sinful vices,
    Let me weigh the awful load
    You were willing to endure.
    Help me flee all thoughts impure
    And to master each temptation,
    Calm in prayer and meditation.
  4. Ev’ry wound that pains or grieves me
    By Your wounds, Lord, is made whole;
    When I’m faint, Your cross revives me,
    Granting new life to my soul.
    Yes, Your comfort renders sweet
    Ev’ry bitter cup I meet;
    For Your all-atoning passion
    Has procured my soul’s salvation.
  5. O my God, my rock and tower,
    Grant that in Your death I trust,
    Knowing death has lost its power
    Since You crushed it in the dust.
    Savior, let Your agony
    Ever help and comfort me;
    When I die be my protection,
    Light and life and resurrection.


“On My Heart Imprint Your Image”

On my heart imprint Your image,
Blessèd Jesus, King of grace,
That life’s riches, cares, and pleasures
Never may Your work erase;
Let the clear inscription be:
Jesus, crucified for me,
Is my life, my hope’s foundation,
And my glory and salvation!

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