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Another Lenten worship service, another hymn to dig into. This one is a super quick one, that despite having six verses, flies past before you realize it’s done! I adore the imagery in it, tying the blood of Jesus to the blood of Abel, the first murdered man. In verse 5 I love the words “exulting” and “wafts,” two that we don’t use in everyday speech. And then the voices swelling like a flood… I’ve been blessed to sing in huge groups of people before, and the way the music rolls through the crowd is very much like a flood.

I pray that as Lent turns towards Holy Week that you are blessed by Jesus’ infinitely kind compassion.

  1. Glory be to Jesus, Who in bitter pains
    Poured for me the life-blood From His sacred veins!
  2. Grace and life eternal In that blood I find;
    Blest be His compassion, Infinitely kind!
  3. Blest through endless ages Be the precious stream
    Which from endless torment Did the world redeem!
  4. Abel’s blood for vengeance Pleaded to the skies;
    But the blood of Jesus For our pardon cries.
  5. Oft as earth exulting Wafts its praise on high,
    Angel hosts rejoicing Make their glad reply.
  6. Lift we, then, our voices, Swell the mighty flood;
    Louder still and louder Praise the precious blood!           

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