I’m only just getting into this concept of reading blogs.  Granted, I have read a couple of them regularly for a while now, but it’s mostly my sister and a friend who blog about their kids.  I surf around in WordPress for blogs that interest me, but this particular post intrigued me and I wanted to share my thoughts here.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything he writes, but I do agree with his principles about politics.  In my few short voting years, I have been registered as a Republican and a Democrat, each for about four years or so.  But about the time of the last presidential election, maybe even before that, I switched to being independent.  While I sometimes regret this when I cannot sign a petition for someone at church who is trying to get on a ballot, or I can’t vote in the primaries, I see the importance of my decision, and Cho put it into words that I have previously failed to articulate.  I don’t agree with the stance of either major party, nor do I believe that many of the candidates still subscribe to the core principles on which their parties were founded.  I believe in looking at each candidate as an individual, and acknowledge their choice of political party as part of their character but not defining the whole of their campaign.

In fact, I am still undecided.  I made a decision with this election to pray and allow God to guide me in this voting process.  I will watch the debates, reflect, research, and pray, and I know that God will be with me in this process.  His will be done.