I happened on a message board today, where the particular discussion thread centered on questions people have about their faith.  Some of the individuals posted about how they aren’t sure they believe in various aspects of faith, whether it is the person of Jesus or the conflict between science and the Bible.  As I read, it struck me that we tend to be a rather closed-minded group in the church.  Now, I know what that kind of phrasing brings to mind, that we should be tolerant and open to all religions, etc.  I’m NOT advocating that (what I think about those issues is an entirely different topic).  But we are closed-minded about the questions we allow people to ask about faith.  It’s ok to ask a question about the history of Martin Luther or the multitude of ways one can break the fourth commandment.  But we aren’t really open to allowing people to ask “what are the 10 Commandments?” or “Can you help me?  I don’t think I really believe that Jesus was the Son of God.”  Churches by and large assume that if you walk in the door, you already believe in everything that is taught inside the building.  How on earth are we reaching anyone with the Gospel when we work from that assumption?

I am determined to be more open to those kinds of questions, not just open to it but even initiating the discussion.  It can be intimidating to admit uncertainty in any environment, especially when the majority of people involved seem like “experts.”  Lord, help me to be a servant.