So, on Monday I made a commitment to post to this blog at least four days a week, implying that those four days would be Monday through Thursday.  Well, how about Monday and Thursday?  I tend to get distracted by other things and forget to go online.  This week was that was because Tuesday I was out of the house most of the day and Wednesday I ran errands and then read a new book.  I’m loving that I have more things to do now that mean I don’t have to sit at the computer and bore myself with online games.  I am starting to get a feel for a new routine, and while I don’t have it figured out yet, at least I have things I’m involved in.  I started attending a Tuesday morning women’s bible study at church.  Minimum commitment, maximum relationship potential.  It gives me a way to get to know other women at church, get into the scriptures, and get out of the house.  Of course, just when I start to get excited about it, I get a call saying our new furniture is being delivered next Tuesday!

Believe me, I’m thankful for the furniture.  My parents bought us new living room furniture because our house is bigger and we now have a basement family room as well as a living room.  So the old stuff is in the basement and the new stuff goes into the main part of the house.  It’s exciting that it is finally arriving – I just wish it could have been delivered on another day, when I don’t have something going on.

I think we have worked out our car situation, temporarily anyway.  On Wednesday during Lent, our church does a soup supper before the evening service.  So I will be taking Travis to work in the morning in order to have the car.  I like the arrangement, because I can run plenty of errands during the day and not run out of energy.  The old arrangement was that I would accompany him to his Monday night meetings (this church does almost all of their meetings on Mondays, so he has one almost every week), drop his off and go to the store.  By the time I would get all of the groceries and other necessities, I would be exhausted (I don’t do well in the evenings) and often would be out of time to stop by another store to get the 1-2 items that Walmart didn’t have.

So yesterday, I went to Walmart, Target, and another grocery store all before noon.  We had lunch together, I stopped by the library on my way home, and after putting groceries away, I spent the afternoon reading a book I picked up.  Today, I’m finishing some laundry, watching the Godfather Part 2 (which I also borrowed from the library – libraries didn’t have movies when I was a kid!), and catching up on my online stuff.

Ok, so that whole thing was a pretty boring recap, but the thing is, I’m excited to have things to do.  I can spend time catching up on an LEA (that’s Lutheran Educator’s Association) discussion, write some notes for a Bible study, do a little research for an assignment for my ChristCare training class, and just relax today.  I’ve found that when I put off some of the chores like laundry and dishes, I get depressed about how the house looks and overwhelmed with the idea of working on them.  But when I make myself get started, they don’t seem nearly as overwhelming, and I feel a lot better about all of it.  Weird how that can be.

Anyway, thanks all of you for listening.  I hope to be back into some of my thoughts on being a pastor’s wife specifically next week.