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As a piggyback to my last post, here is an interesting link.  How interesting that this topic would come up just as I am falling into a “how do I spend my time” rut.  I am going to give some thought to what it means to work for myself, from home, and how I can do that.  I know I don’t want to work full time, and I would love to write and publish a book.  What better time than now to work on it?

It doesn’t help me with answering what I do for a living, but that’s ok.  It’s something that is personal to me.  I am at the very least committed to writing on this blog at least four days a week (Travis takes off Fridays and Saturdays, and Sunday is just too complicated with church).  I know that I can start compiling some of the stuff I’ve done in the past (two Christmas programs, several Bible studies, a bunch of devotions, papers from school, my thesis, etc.).  And one of the things that blog I linked you to recommends is just getting out there online.  I’m on facebook but not actively promoting myself and my writing just yet.  I’m not really involved in any discussion boards, but I plan to start slow and get more into that.  I’m still a member of the Lutheran Educator’s Association, which is a place to get involved, too.  Whenever someone asks for suggestions on children’s messages or devotions, I’m going to write something.  Even if it isn’t right for them, it will help me to hone my skills.  And I really appreciate all of you out there who are encouraging me (it’s nice to know I have a small following)!