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I had some people comment to ask where I’ve been lately.  I tend to forget about the online world when I’m traveling, plus for a week or so before I left I just plain didn’t get around to blogging.  I hit some writer’s block from time to time, and I struggle with discipline as a whole in my life.  So that’s a big part of why I’ve been silent.

Anyway, I realized that the fact that I’m traveling right now is one of those perks of being a non-working pastor’s wife.  My mother does it frequently, driving up to South Dakota to my sister’s house to see the grandkids.  I don’t travel as much, but I am right now to visit family in the midwest.  Last week I accompanied my mom on one of her regular trips north, and now we’re back at her (and my dad’s) house in Nebraska.  Tomorrow we drive to Lincoln where my grandparents live to celebrate mom’s mother’s 80th birthday (technically isn’t until Thursday, but I fly out on Tuesday to go home).

Because I don’t have outside-the-home responsibilities, I could just pick up and come here.  Frequent flier miles help, too.  It’s something I did when we first arrived at our last church.  I know for some pastor’s wives the sacrifices in career can be frustrating, but for me, my career comes second so I don’t worry about having some time off in between jobs when we move to a new place.

Five years ago, when we first moved to Springville (where we used to live), I wasn’t working.  It was definitely God-ordained, because that summer I traveled plenty.  First to a youth gathering, then to a funeral of a high school teacher (I was friends with her daughter), then to my husband’s grandma’s house in Florida twice (she was dying, so once to visit and once for the funeral).  Then I ended up staying with a college-aged daughter of a member for a short while in her dorm room (long, private story).  This was one of those ministry opportunities that I believe only come up when you are in the right place at the right time.  If I had been working, I couldn’t have helped her.

I wonder what God has in store for me in the future.  I’m fully aware that my life is one of occilating being service and preparation, something I’ve experienced multiple times.  Right now I don’t see anything on the horizon, just some possibilities and a lot of freedom that I am truly enjoying.  I’m so thankful for this opportunity right now. 

I’ll be writing off and on during the month of June, just so you are aware.  Next week is VBS at our church, and then after that we’re traveling together to visit my husband’s family, where we’ll have even less computer access than I have this week.  But I’m still thinking about this pastor’s wife life, and I wish all of you well.