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I thjink I must qualify for the crazy pastor’s wife of the year award.  I’m in the midst of my second week of Vacation Bible School in a month’s time.  In fact, I had only one week off in between.

Why would I do that?  I went to visit family in the midwest and ended up helping my sister with her class.  19 preschool and kindergarten students in that classroom, in the middle of small-town South Dakota!  So now, I’m co-teacher in my own class of 31 (not flavors, kids!) 1st and 2nd graders.  So far we haven’t had all 31 on either of the days, but there are still three to go.

I do have to say that our music is much less annoying.  I didn’t really like the songs they did in SD, a little too stick-in-the-head for my taste.  We’re doing Crocodile Dock, which has impressed me immensely.  There is a reason why many churches return to Group again and again for VBS curriculum, they are just plain good at it!  The music surprised me – Audio Adrenaline?  That “You’re Powerful” stomping rock song?  Not your typical VBS tunes, but it’s a fantastic change.  Even the jaded kids get into it, which is impressive.

Anyway, because of all of that, my “putting words into sentence doing” (direct quote from an episode of Gilmore Girls) skills are greatly depleted, so just figure on not hearing much from me until I get back from vacation.  We’re coming home July 1, and I hope to have plenty of inlaw insights to share at that time.  Trust me, there is much fodder for this blog when your pastor husband’s family doesn’t go to church.