What is it about traveling that makes you need a vacation?  I feel more tired today than I did before we left.  Some of that is because I don’t sleep well in other beds/houses/hotel rooms.  The temperature, sounds, feel of the mattress, all of that is different from at home.  Of course I’m adding to that the frustration of having a broken washing machine.  It worked fine before we left, and now it won’t start for some reason.  Thankfully we have an extended warranty, but because July 3rd is a holiday (I guess, with July 4th on the weekend, people still need one), it won’t be fixed until Monday.  And that’s if it’s a simple fix.  Ugh.  So I have one load of clothes that I washed but I’m not 100% sure are clean because who knows if they got washed or just rinsed (it’s a front loading machine, I’m not sure if the detergent dispensed or not, they smell clean but who knows?).  And I have two more loads that I need to wash ASAP.  I hate it when these things happen.  It’s irritating.  I wish in hindsight that I hadn’t gotten this washing machine, it’s given me nothing but headaches and anxiety since day one:  learning to use a front loader, making sure you baby it, worrying about leaks, getting off-balance, and since the move it hasn’t quite fit in the laundry closet which makes me worry that they won’t actually fix it but will say it’s because of where we keep it.  If they don’t fix it, I’m never buying another extended warranty again.

Other than that, and feeling exhausted, I’m doing ok.  Still feeling a bit unsettled after being gone 2/3 of June, and not quite feeling like Ohio is home yet.  Not that I know what “home” should feel like, but I think because we only lived in our last house for a little over a year, I can’t quite believe that this place is going to be long-term.  I really hope we will stay put for a while, I’m so tired of moving.