I love watching HGTV, or as I like to call it, the “My House Isn’t Good Enough” Channel.  Every time I sit and watch something on there, I find myself wishing my kitchen or bathroom or closet could be like the ones I see on the television.  But I’m learning to fight that desire, especially when they show the price tags of the homes or renovations.  Yikes!  It always amazes me how people can afford homes that cost so much.  I will probably never have the big home with the fancy tiled bathroom, but that’s okay.  More and more I’ve realized that material things in this life will never satisfy me.  Indulging a case of “I-wants” only makes it worse.  While I would love to have a perfect home, I know that it can never be truly perfect in this life.  Nothing is.  So instead, I’m learning to be content with the things I have.  I keep learning this lesson over and over again, but the more I purge things from our house, the more likely I am to pause before buying something.  I think long and hard before buying clothes now, so that I don’t have a closet full of stuff that I won’t wear.  And I also hold back from entering those kitchen stores, because all of the shiny gadgets beckon me, and then they sit in a drawer without being used until I throw them out.

Of course, there is still the issue of how much television I watch…