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Finally found a moment to write in the midst of a busy schedule.  What a month we’ve had!  Over the past few weeks we have packed up all our possessions, flown to Texas, shopped for and bought a house in five days, flew back to Ohio, closed on our house there, watched the movers load our stuff, drove 1400 miles (over the course of a few days), switched utilities, watched the movers unload our stuff, and more.  We still aren’t officially closed on our new house, but we were granted early occupancy so we didn’t have to pay for storing our stuff elsewhere (and moving it twice).  So we are staying with a family from the church as we clean and finalize everything for closing and Travis’ installation, which will take place on the 17th and 16th of May, respectively.  My parents are flying in, as well as a pastor friend from Ohio.  Basically we have one week to finish everything we need to.  Starting after closing we’re going to paint the inside of the house and buy a fridge and dishwasher (the fridge is a necessity since there isn’t one, the dishwasher was optional.  But we figure that the money we’ll save in water and electricity by replacing the old one will make up for the cost over time).  Once we get unpacked and settled in, I’ll start looking for some kind of work.  Don’t know what that will look like yet, because I feel like I’m woefully unqualified for so many things and over qualified for a whole lot of other jobs.  But we’ll see what happens.  I want to find a job so I have something to do, and have some extra money for paying down debts and saving for special things.  My sister is talking about a big family vacation to Disney in 2012, which we would love to do (it would be right after our 10th anniversary, and we went to Disney for our honeymoon).  So if I can find some work, we can probably afford to do that.  And of course I’d love to re-do the kitchen and bathrooms in the new house.  All that stuff.  There’s always a list of ways to spend money, isn’t there?  So if anyone knows of any great jobs that can be Monday-Thursday during the day, with some kind of educational/writing/theology component to it, in the area of Huntsville, Texas, let me know!

In the meantime, I’m trying to rest, which is SOOOO hard for me to do right now.  I feel guilty for not being at the house 24/7 cleaning, unpacking, and in general getting it ready for us to live in it.  But I keep reminding myself that we’ve been going going going for weeks now and it’s okay to take a brief break.  I hope it is, anyway.  I still stress a lot about so many things, but I’m trying my best to let go of some of them.  And in the meantime, meeting a lot of great people.  Last night I played Bunko for the first time.  I had heard of it before but had no idea what it was.  I know it will be eaiser to relax and get to know people when we are settled into our own house.  That’s been the difficulty for me during this process, not feeling like we are HOME.  But soon, we will be.  Aaaaahhhhhhh.