I very rarely have back issues.  To the point that the last time I remember having a severe problem was in September or October of 2008.  Well, somehow I managed to throw my back out.  It wouldn’t bother me so much if I didn’t have loads of things to do.  Travis was installed on Sunday as pastor at our new church.  And yesterday we closed on our new house.  It feels like such a new beginning, so many things we were able to put behind us and move on.  Not that Satan won’t try to remind us of hurts, but we have healed from a lot of things in our lives over the years, and we know God is the one who gives the healing.  So I’m not worried.  It’s frustrating to have back issues, though, when they always seem to be so inconvenient.  Yesterday we did the closing, then went and bought paint, headed to our house and cleaned for quite a while, and then rested before going to dinner.  All of those things and my back was fine!  Then we came back from dinner and I was working on some laundry, and all of a sudden I felt like I couldn’t stand up straight.  Go figure – I do the one thing that’s normal for me, and that’s how I hurt my back.  I realize that it was probably the culmination of all of those things, plus being on my feet for most of the day before, plus wearing sandal instead of my good tennis shoes for all of the cleaning activities.  So today I’m taking it easy, which really stinks because there is so much to do!  I want to be able to finish cleaning kitchen cabinets and laying shelf paper so I can unpack my kitchen stuff.  I want to order our refrigerator and start to get settled into our new house (we aren’t living in it until we have a couple of plumbing and electrical issues fixed, plus a fridge so we can have food).  I want to line up the help from others that has been offered and start painting!  And all of those things.  Instead I’m just sitting, which I’m not even sure is good for my back.  But at least I’m not hurting at the moment.  If I don’t feel better tomorrow, I may have to seek out a chiropractor.  Ugh.  And yes, I know the stress is probably making my back worse.