Just wanted to say hi.  I know I’ve been away for a while, but we are officially in our house (have been since Monday) and as of today, we have internet!  So hopefully I can start to get into a routine of blogging again (for once?).  I have other motivation for being in a routine this summer – I have a job!  I’m teaching in the mornings at our Lutheran school (connected to our church).  I’m still kind of nervous about it, but I’ve made it through two days this week (summer session started on Thursday) and I think it’ll be okay.  Next week lends itself to lots of ideas, because the theme is creation.  We’re going to be talking a lot about nature and animals and the solar system and all kinds of things.  I will probably be spending a lot of time this weekend just prepping for next week and hopefully working to get more ahead on things.  My back is doing better, too.  Chiropractic care is so helpful for that.  Hopefully I can finish unpacking soon, too.  That will take a bit longer because we’re not quite done painting, but there’s only a little trim left to do and then we can move the dining room furniture back where it belongs.

Oh, and I’m SO HAPPY to have our television set up again.  I think we have way more channels than any would possible need, but it’s ok.  And today we’re going to check out cell phone plans because our current is through our old church, plus the coverage at our new house stinks.  So we have to change carriers.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!