I hesitate to pray for patience.  Anyone who ever has knows that it generally brings lots of opportunities to practice.  I’m certainly not lacking in opportunity!  I do struggle with keeping patient when kids are getting rambunctious, but so far I haven’t really gotten upset.  It’s more that I’m anxious because I can tell I’m losing control.  I don’t want to keep discipline through negative reactions, so I’m trying to practice noticing and calling attention to good behavior.  But I’m still struggling with it.

It doesn’t help that my back is flaring up again.  I am looking forward to being done with all of the unpacking so that I don’t do things that re-injure it.  Yesterday I finally got my kitchen mostly organized, at least the food side of things.  I love my kitchen – sooo many cupboards!  I find it amazing how people want these open-concept kitchens, when you lose so much wall and therefore, cupboard space!  But of course all of the bending and lifting has me feeling sore again, which stinks since I was feeling so much better.

I am also quite thankful for all of my teacher friends.  Funny how so many of my good friends are teachers – I guess God knew I would need them in my life!  I’ve gotten some great ideas that I’m going to work on this weekend to implement next week.  And next week there is lots to keep us occupied – Father’s day cards, Flag day, Jonah as our Bible story.  I’m going to start introducing some learning centers and challenge myself to do some more crafts.  Please pray for me – I know that I am growing already and will continue to learn a lot this summer!