I’ve been teaching for more than two weeks now.  It’s not too bad – some days I have a little trouble getting my point across, and other days I feel more like a referee than an educator, but for the most part things are going well.  I’m learning more and more about the kids each day, and starting to get a sense of where to help and when to encourage them to do it themselves.  I’ve also dropped numbers since the start of summer.  I’m pretty sure I only had all ten kids once, and since then, it’s been around 7 or 8 each day.  Not too difficult to manage.

In terms of our house, things took a stand-still this week.  Saturday as we were sitting watching tv in the evening, I noticed it was getting warmer in the house.  Sure enough, the thermostat read 78 when we had it set for 72.  The AC had been making a terrible screeching noise, so we figured it must not be working at all.  By Sunday the temp inside was in the 80’s, so we went back to stay with the people from church who hosted us before.  Thankfully the seller of our home purchased a home warranty, and we called them.  The tech came out Tuesday, fixed the problem, and our AC was up and running by 4 pm.  We went to pick up our stuff and the dog, and came back home to discover the power was out in our entire neighborhood!  Ack!  If our house had cooled down already, we might have been able to stand staying here, but since it had been sitting and cooking for three days, it was just too hot inside.  We packed up our stuff AGAIN since the power company guys predicted the outage could last several hours, and didn’t return until the next day (yesterday).

We’re finally back in our house and slept here last night.  So thankful for people who are willing to let us stay with them, but I’m also quite tired of not feeling at home yet.  Hopefully the folks who have helped us with painting will be able to finish the trim in our dining room soon, and then we can finish unpacking and start hanging pictures.  Right now I have pictures all over the living room.  But the paint looks good, and I’m even considering doing a special paint color on our fireplace.  I wish the original brick color was there, but someone in the past chose to paint the bricks white so I’m contemplating a bold color choice.  But I’m not sure I’m brave enough.

Next week we are going to Wisconsin to witness the baptism of our godchild and niece.  I may even feel cold going up north, but I’m sure the weather will be unpredictable.  I’m just looking forward to spending some time with my sister, her husband, and their daughters.   Plus my parents, though I’m not sure when they’ll be arriving.

I really do hope to get back into a blogging groove soon, particularly with writing about the ups and downs of being a pastor’s wife.  I’m sure hanging with my sister will give me some ideas!