I hate having a cold.  It’s bad enough normally, when I can cover over most of the symptoms with various kinds of pills and liquids, but right now I can’t take anything and it’s frustrating.  And kind of gross, so I will spare all of you the details.  But it certainly makes it that much more difficult to find energy during the day.

Today I’m back in the office, feeling more like I have responsibilities and less like I’m trying to sift through the past.  I’m puzzling out how to improve our Sunday school opening, rehearse songs for the Christmas program, and keep the kids focused.  This is something that the current teachers and leaders are struggling with and have asked for my help on.  It’s a challenge I enjoy, so don’t assume this is a complaint.  Just part of today’s mental process.

In addition I’ve been emailing, researching, etc.  I could go into details but they don’t really matter.  But all of it is getting me more acclimated to this job.  I still have to work on a letter for Sunday school families before I leave for the day, but otherwise I’m feeling like today has been productive.  Certainly makes things more interesting than sitting at home!