Life just keeps getting busier.  Friday was absolutely insane.  First we all got up early and drove to the airport to drop off my sister.  She was able to fly down for the week to be with Mark thanks to a generous gift from a church in their area.  But Friday was her day to fly home.  Then we killed some time at Panera and a local mall (none of the stores were open) waiting for it to be late enough to go to my 9:45 obgyn appointment.  We finally went at 9 and asked to schedule our ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby.  They could actually take us back then, so being early paid off!  And it’s a girl, by the way.

Then we drove the rest of the way to Houston (this was all in the northern suburbs) so Mark could have a medical test done.  That took quite a while, first for them to take him back and then for the test itself.  We didn’t leave the hospital until 5:10.  And if you’ve ever tried to leave a major city’s downtown at 5pm on a Friday, you know how much the traffic stunk.  We didn’t get home until well after 7.  By that point Travis had missed a visitation at the funeral home (it ended at 8, but by the time he changed clothes and went it would have been over).  We also ended up missing a birthday party for a church member.  But we were just too tired by the time we got home to do anything but eat dinner and go to bed.

Saturday was a funeral, which tends to fill a lot of the day.  And then Sunday was supposed to be full with church and an afternoon choir party, but we decided to skip the party because we were still pretty tired from the craziness.  Today’s been better, much more routine.  But tomorrow is another trip for my husband and brother-in-law to Houston for a doctor appointment.  I think I will try to take a nap tomorrow.  That might be good.

Wednesday is our anniversary, which we will spend working, but we’ll go away for a night sometime after my sister returns (I don’t want to leave my brother-in-law alone).  She’s coming back with the kids Thanksgiving week.  And that week is also my niece’s 5th birthday and my 33rd.  I’m glad we get to spend the holidays and birthdays together.

Life may be crazy, but it’s our life, and I wouldn’t change a minute of it!  I just wish sometimes there were a few more hours in the day to fit stuff in, or a few more hours of energy in my body!