Normally reading and writing are two areas that I can get into and enjoy all day long.  I find inspiration to write in all kinds of weird places, most often in observing people.  And reading is something I can do anytime, anywhere.  But that’s one of those weird things about pregnancy.  My energy levels dip and I find my usual activities are more difficult.  At least, that’s what I tell myself as to why I haven’t been blogging lately.  But the truth is, I just can’t think of things to say.  I do blame that on pregnancy.  My brain is often scattered, and I end up sitting and looking at the screen thinking “wasn’t there something I thought about a while back to write on?”  Well, whatever it was, it’s gone from my brain!

I know once the baby arrives I will have all kinds of stuff to bore you with – her smiles and diapers and feeding habits.  Well, I don’t get bored reading that kind of thing from my friends but I assume everyone else would be bored by it.  And I hope to someday return to my former focus of life as a pastor’s wife.  The truth is, I find the most inspiration for that topic from hardships, either mine or other peoples’, and there’s a severe drought of difficulty in that area of my life right now.  This church has been wonderful to us, and I just can’t come up with anything difficult or weird to write about!  Not a bad problem to have, unless you want to be blogging.

What I will leave you with is this link to my sister’s blog.  She’s been writing about Mark’s progress (they are currently staying with us) and wrote one post recently that is a synopsis of their family’s entire journey in this illness (if you can call it that) of his.