Every so often I find myself pretty discouraged and I start to read one of my fall-back books to help me. I’ve mentioned Let Your Life Speak already, and today it was Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word. Here’s the thing I keep coming back to when I do read these kinds of things: God overwhelms me with how He has protected us during this entire ordeal. We haven’t been completely shattered by it. Our faith has emerged from this intact, even stronger than before. Our relationship is stronger. Emotionally I think we’re actually both healthier than we were, expressing our feelings better than we ever have. How is that possible when we have experienced the greatest personal hell a parent can ever face?

The grace of God is the only thing that keeps us whole. And I am overwhelmed that He loves us so much that He continues to walk us through this horrible time, that He has shielded us from the attacks of Satan. This God who came in the flesh to redeem the world still protects us daily, and I am floored by it. The same God who holds my little girl safely in heaven is also holding my heart so that it won’t shatter into a million pieces on earth. He who knitted Samantha together in my womb is also knitting our marriage together daily so that we are not torn apart. I am speechless.