Some of you are already aware of the current prayer request in our family. Here is the full story to give you some more details on what’s going on.

Every day when they get home from school, my sister runs on the treadmill in their garage. Her oldest two daughters have also gotten into running, so she sets the treadmill for them and has a lot of safety rules in place. Yesterday, after she finished running, it was my 6-year-old niece Gabie’s turn. Allison set the treadmill to not go above 3 miles per hour, clipped the safety to her shirt and reminded her how important it was.

She went into the house, leaving the garage door open. I’m not sure what the progression of events was after that point, but Gabie stopped the treadmill to take her shirt off because she was hot, forgetting to reclip the safety to herself. Her younger sister Rachel went out into the garage and shut the door during this time (which is not supposed to happen) and Gabie turned the treadmill back on but accidentally set it for 8 miles per hour. She couldn’t keep up and slipped off, getting caught between the still-moving treadmill and the wall. Rachel screamed which brought Allison running, who scooped Gabie up before turning off the machine and took her into the house. That’s when she noticed her back, which had been burned by the friction.

They took her to the ER in town immediately, and the doctors there were good about communicating with the burn specialists at another hospital. The local doctors thought she had burns on 18-20% of her body, ranging from 1st to 4th degree.

She was transferred late last night to Shriner’s hospital about two hours away, which is a pediatric burn hospital (we are so thankful to have it so close to us!). After cleaning her up and getting a good look at her injuries, they determined her burns are 10-12% of her body, mostly 1st & 2nd, with 4-5% being 3rd degree. As I type right now, they are waiting for surgery to do skin grafts.

Her burns are mostly on her back, some on her side. She’s pretty scraped up too, but thankfully her face was spared any burns. And being at this kind of specialty hospital will be wonderful. Until they do the surgery they won’t have an idea about the length of her hospital stay, but she is currently stable and the reason she hasn’t had her surgery yet is that she’s been bumped for emergencies. So we praise God for that!

Thank you all for praying. We will let you know if there are specific needs you can help with, but right now they are doing ok and just needing prayers. I will be going down to see them later today. Keep praying please! We know God is listening.