Gabs is doing a little bit better each day. She has had two surgeries for skin grafts, and the healing is happening. One of her grafts didn’t “take” but the hope is that her skin will regrow underneath the failed graft, which will protect her new skin and keep it clean.

Meanwhile, we are hoping she will be able to come home this week. She has been discharged from the hospital, but between the frequency of appointments and the need to return to the hospital if there is any sign of infection, she has been staying with at least one parent (mostly both) at the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital. Currently daddy is with her, but assuming she doesn’t return this week mommy will be going back down today to be with both of them.

In the meantime, the other three girls are doing well but missing their sister and their parents. Mark and Allison have been going back and forth a lot. Thankfully she is at a Shriner’s hospital, where they don’t charge families. And Ronald McDonald House provides food for them, plus the hospital while Gabie was admitted also provided meals to one parent. So other than gas, they’ve not incurred any expenses, which is a blessing.

Please keep praying for her. Healing will be a long, slow process, and she will be missing out on some things over the next several months. One of the difficult things for her will be avoiding any sun exposure over the next year, along with missing so much school and needing to stay away from ANYONE who is sick since her immune system is compromised.