So today my joy is that I have the evening off. That’s a good thing since tomorrow is busy. I’m going to cook dinner and work ahead on tomorrow’s dinner as well. I’m also feeling pretty productive today since I worked ahead on the worship services for January and they are all done – not just planned, but actually ready to go in the worship program! I may have to do some tweaking beforehand, but they’re finished, including all of the little weird detail things that seem to usually take me forever.

I’ve almost got Sunday school covered for this weekend, too, which is good since I will be gone and need to make sure it’s all done. Glad to have that stuff ready to go! Meanwhile I’m looking forward to a nice time away with friends at this retreat I’m heading to on Friday.

My other piece of joy is that I’ve turned over a new leaf in my devotional time. I’ve got a couple of short daily devos that I’m reading and I’ve also started to read the Gospel of Mark. It’s one I’m less familiar with than others, don’t know why that is but it’s a good thing for me to do. I’ve been reminded of some Bible studies I’ve led in the past as I’ve been reading. And smiling every time I see the word “immediately,” since it’s the one characteristic of the book that I remember from my New Testament class in college.

Blessings all, and joy to you!