When I was a kid, I never really felt hungry. I could walk away after eating, and didn’t feel the need to snack (my mother may point out that this was not actually true, but since she’s rarely online I figure I can get away with it). I don’t remember snacking, anyway. We didn’t keep a lot of junk food in the house regardless. It was expensive, so unless there was a coupon or sale, we just didn’t buy it.

Sugar cereals didn’t get purchased. We got the choices of rice krispies or cheerios, and sometimes corn flakes or chex. Sometimes on the weekends we’d mix a few types of cereal and add some raisins and feel like we were eating something amazing.

We were only allowed soda if we were having pizza, or out to eat (which didn’t happen often). Fast food was a special treat. This was the way I grew up. I don’t remember having cravings or wanting more or polishing off a whole bag/package/carton of anything. Weight was NOT an issue for me growing up.

I was a skinny kid. Probably good I didn’t eat much, since I was also pretty lazy (still am). I hated sports, running, and most forms of “exercise.” I enjoyed dance, but didn’t realize it was a workout at the time. I just liked doing it. I also played at recess and got plenty of exercise without really trying.

It’s a lot harder as an adult. I don’t have natural outlets for getting exercise like when I was a kid. I don’t have to walk to the bus, and my friends don’t cajole me to join them on top of the playground equipment. I drive almost everywhere I go. So I have to build exercise into my day in order to get it. I have to get up to do a workout video, and I try to take the dog on a long walk each day.

And as for the food thing… I get hungry. I crave salty, fatty foods. I would run through a drive through every day if I let myself. French fries, fried chicken, burgers, tacos… I just had lunch (a healthy one) but I’m still salivating at the thought. I can’t buy pringles because I will eat an entire can in one sitting and then feel sick after. I find sugar cereals to be delicious (Cap’n Crunch is my favorite). Popcorn at the movies is my weakness, but I could also go for nachos… or both… and throw in a hot dog too. I’m sometimes surprised that I don’t have more weight issues now than what I do.

Lord, give me a hunger for You that eclipses the other hungers in my life.