I find it strange how attached people get to their way of doing church – not just attached, but entrenched.  We are now moved into our new house, and my husband is into his new ministry and already being confronted by angry complainers.  Some want him to wear robes and keep the worship style the same, others want him to compromise on the Word of God and avoid preaching against “controversial” issues.  As he said to me today, “this church is all over the map!”  It’s not a bad thing, just frustrating.  I am so proud of him that he can handle these things calmly, without reacting in anger.  But it hurts me for him that he’s already, after only two sermons, moved out of the honeymoon and into the thick of it.  I was doing my homework for ChristCare training (a small group ministry at our church – we are training to be leaders) and the reading was all about group development stages.  I think that’s what is happening, but for some reason we jumped immediately to the conflict stage of things.  Well, I’m not entirely sure that I’m involved in the conflict yet.

I worry about this, because there was a time when my husband couldn’t handle this kind of conflict.  He has grown so much, but I wonder where the breaking point is and if Satan is pushing him towards it.  I know he’s stressed, that is evident.  Lord, show me how to help him (and help me to be patient!).