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Based on the flurry of comments, I realize I may not have made things very clear in my last post.  I am SO THANKFUL I get to do what I’m doing right now.  The only time I feel bad is when someone asks me what I do for a living, because it seems like I should be doing something else.  But I am content with it.  I feel a little bit lazy some days, but again, it is nice to know I don’t have to bring in my work schedule to compete with everything else we have going on.

I think that’s why I keep holding off on joining stuff at church.  I love the idea of getting involved, but I don’t want my commitment to projects to become the focus.  At our last church, we had to go to church on Sundays thirty minutes to an hour before Travis needed to be there because of my commitments to the praise team and Sunday school.  I know he would have preferred to sleep a little longer.  I like knowing that I’m not driving our schedule these days.  And I love having what feels like endless amounts of time to get things done.  It’s made me so much less stressed, which in turn allows me to be there for him!

As far as the writing thing goes, it’s an on-again, off-again dream of mine.  And I really got fired up about it on Sunday when I spent part of the afternoon talking with a member’s relative who spends part of her time writing for CPH, our church body’s publishing house.  I dream of writing a new book on what it means to be a pastor’s wife, because while I am currently fitting into a very old model, there is so much more available to us to do now.  And so many things to keep in mind.  We’ll see what the future holds, I think I need a few more years under my belt at this before I can write with any level of authority on the subject.