Well, we had quite a scare today.  We are visiting my sister and her husband in Wisconsin (he’s a pastor), and some members called him with the news that their son was missing.  Police were called, nerves were on edge, and eventually we and many folks in town were out in the streets looking for a little boy.  Thankfully, he was found and was safe, and all parents breathed a sigh of relief and counted their blessings.

We are enjoying our time with family – lots of them.  My sister and her husband just had baby number 4, a little girl (well, they’re all girls).  We were asked to be godparents, and the baptism is this weekend.  So besides us, both sets of grandparents are here, plus a couple that they are friends with.  Tomorrow another couple arrives with their newborn little girl to also be baptized at church tomorrow, plus her grandparents and siblings.  The party after should be pretty big, and I’m sure the numbers in worship will be bumped up considerably.  So many blessings to be thankful for.

I am trying to be helpful, even while I’m tired (and yesterday I had one of my “migraines” although I don’t know if that’s what they actually are).  I end up feeling pathetic and lazy.  But I don’t sleep well when I’m not in my own bed, and I really struggle with noise which stinks.  I should remember to buy ear plugs for when I travel because they really do help.  And it’s not like I mind hearing my nieces play, but it just keeps me awake because we’re so used to sleeping with no noise other than the fan.  And then the sun is up very early here waking us by 6 am.  Ok, we do get up at 6 for work at home, but I’d rather not be awake that early here.  Just saying…

But like the title says, our blessings abound.  We are enjoying time with family and friends and so thankful that all of the children here are safe and sound.