I admit it.  I find my life to often be rather boring in nature, and I’ve had little inspiration lately just because I’m too wiped out to write.  I spent the first 3/4 of the summer teaching every day which wore me out, and then on August 5th I flew to be with family – fill you in on that in a minute.  While I was at my parents house, I realized I was pregnant.  Yes, pregnant!  I’m guessing most of you who read this are already aware because I’ve emailed and facebooked and it’s been shared at church.  But I’m posting it here, too.

So, backing up… On Wednesday, August 4th my parents called to tell me my sister (mom of 4, wife of Mark who has been having the headaches) fell off a horse while riding with her oldest daughter (6).  She broke her pelvis in four places and was in the hospital.  Ugh.  Like their family needed anything else to happen!  So the next day I flew up to Omaha, was picked up by my mom and we drove up to Minnesota from there (where the camp is that the incident happened, as well as the hospital).  Thankfully the camp allowed us to stay there with the girls for several days even though the family camp they had attended was basically over on Friday.  Thankfully the hospital allowed Mark to stay at the hospital with Allison and the baby (she’s nursing), so we stayed with the older three girls at camp.  The 6-year-old is fine, no injuries from the fall, thank goodness!  We left Monday, I think, the day Allison was released from the hospital – me driving their vehicle with the three older girls, mom driving Allison and the baby, Mark riding with his parents back home to Wisconsin.  We took Allison and the girls to my parents’ house in Nebraska because it’s much more handicap-accessible than her house is.  That following weekend I took a pregnancy test and suddenly became another hazard rather than help, so Travis drove up from Texas to pick me up.  He spent four days in the car while I only had to sit in it two days to get home.  But it allowed me to start seeing doctors to make sure everything was proceeding normally.

So that’s what’s been happening with me.  Now I’m into being exhausted from the pregnancy instead of school, and feeling “morning” (hah!) sickness almost all day long.  I can’t promise I’ll be blogging much from this point on, I hope to but I am guessing that pregnancy and parenthood will make it more difficult to keep up with instead of inspiring me more often.  But since our office will disappear in the wake of a nursery, perhaps I’ll find it easier to write when the laptop is kept in the living room.  We’ll see what happens.