Here’s hoping that I can keep up with this blog a bit better in the coming months.  I haven’t been saying much online about my new job, probably because coupled with this pregnancy I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Our church has hired me as part-time DCE, which is exciting and I’m very happy to do it, but of course the exhaustion of my condition has had me more than a little stressed about starting something new now.  I think I might be a little crazy to do it.  But here I am on my first day, armed with a big water bottle, lots of snacks, and a desire to take a nap.

A lot of what I’ve been doing today has involved getting the lay of the land.  I’ve filled out forms, set up the computer the way I like (wallpaper, screen saver, bookmarks, etc.), and going through the files in the office.  I need to do some major clean-outs and figure out what stuff is useful for me, necessary for the church, and just plain outdated junk.

I still haven’t brought in my books yet, but there’s still time for that.  I have a pile of books left here by either the last youth worker or perhaps a previous pastor that I need to sort through as well.  All of this is the kind of thing that normally energizes me but unfortunately right now just makes me tired.  And I need to save my energy for the main focus of my job, education and youth.  First up for me to tackle is the annual Christmas program.  I’ve spent a bit of time online digging into what’s out there.  Hmm, it isn’t good.  Most of the programs available are either far too complex for children or way too simple and short to fill a worship service.  I have written programs in the past, but there isn’t much time to write one since we should really get started soon.  Hopefully I’ll get some help and direction on where to begin on Wednesday night when I meet with the board of education.

On a more personal note, the pregnancy seems to be progressing nicely.  I assume that’s what the nausea and exhaustion are all about.  16 weeks and counting.  My brother-in-law is staying with us indefinitely because his spinal-fluid issues have not improved and he is seeking treatment from some doctors in Houston.  My sister and the kids were here with my mom for a while but had to go home to get some things done.  They (minus mom) will be coming back sometime this month.  I could write volumes on Mark’s condition but I think it’s easier to direct you to my sister’s blog for the details.

Keep us all in your prayers.  I’m hoping to stay healthy during flu season, things are getting busy at church, and there is never a dull moment!